Hey everyone. I am currently having an isue with my AJA IO La box in use with My Final Cut pro. The AJA apps as well as final cut cannot detect the firewire port on my Macbook. all the drivers have been installed and reinstalled properly. i have even isolated the firewire driver itself adn reinstalled it and checked for permissions, ran a permission repair and am still having the same issue. The only ports available are those of my bluetooth devices. Please help me anyway you may be able to.

My computer setup is as follows:
Apple Macbook (1st Gen)
Intel Core Duo Processor 1.83 Ghz
80 GB HD
2 GB DDR2 SD Ram
Mac OSX 10.4.11
Final Cut Pro 6.0.4

AJA IO La Setup
AJa IO la 101571-00
4 pin firewire 400 connection to computer
drivers and firmware: Latest till the date of 7/7/08