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Thread: Exporting video as animated GIF? Anyone?

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    Question Exporting video as animated GIF? Anyone?

    Hi everyone,

    I've got a video of a fireball explosion at night. I've used chroma key to take out the black sky, leaving me with just the fireball. Pretty good so far!

    I want to export this short clip as an animated gif (with alpha transparency) so that I can use it in my swishmax project.

    Has anyone created a plugin or something that allows you to do this?

    Or do you know of any good software that will convert a movie file into animated gif retaining transparency?

    And also, if you are saving a video file and want to keep alpha transparency with it, which format should you use?

    Many thanks!

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    -Just remembered, I wanted to add, the advantage of being able to export directly to animated gif is that you won't need to create and apply transparency twice, unlike if you used a third party avi->gif programme.

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    Try this programm: ( link gone cos you is an appertunist spam boy)
    Very simple in use and many functional...
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    I recommend VidGif..

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