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Thread: how to edit .mod footage in CS3

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    Angry how to edit .mod footage in CS3

    hey all...
    i'm trying to edit footage from a JVC HD hard drive camcorder in my recently purchased CS3...
    off the camera, the files are .mod format... so i renamed them to .mpg..

    gspot says video codec is mpeg 2 and audio is ac3.. i did the ac3 copy file thingy... however the .mpg files only give audio in premiere... how can i get video too?

    also: i uncompressed with AVS, but i dont have enough hd space for all the files. premiere imported and added them fine, but the timeline video was jumpy... is this because of my (semi old) laptop? if not, how can i fix?

    dell precision m90
    duo core @2.16
    2gb ram
    nvidia quadro fx 2500m (512mb)

    final question: is it safe to uncompress the mpg's TO my external hard drive, and edit them from there??? has anyone done this?

    thanks so much, i am at your service for ever

    eternally thanksful
    yours trully
    yes you


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    anyone??? plleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaseeee cheeeeeeessssee?

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