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    Default attempt at video

    Good day.

    This morning, I randomly recorded footage of my cat (the cheapest actress
    I can afford). While reviewing the footage, i had a sudden urge of creativity.

    7 hours later, I finished a short movie.
    Wish i knew how to make the security cam footage
    more realistic, but i think i did the scope part well.

    Feel free to judge.
    YouTube - Mimi the cat meets Metal Gear Solid

    Any criticism (good and bad) is welcome, dont hold back on both.

    Thank you for your time.

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    I liked the idea and it amused me.
    Most of the editing was fine - the right sort of speed once it got going. There was too much footage early on of the cat. It was unnecessary and likely to get people to switch off. Additionally I'd suggest you cut out the shots of the cat from overhead. It just looks like, well, a cat and doesn't play well with the "joke" that it's a beast.
    As for the security cam footage - what software are you using - most include a "tv" effect allowing you to destabilise the picture a bit. Alternatively, play the clip on your TV screen on PC monitor and film it - you can't get much more realistic than that. Cheap effect, too!

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    Thank you for the reply.

    After reading up some material about shot and cut lengths, yes, I do agree
    the early shots were too long. Too long for human attention span.

    I thank you for the advise about the security monitors, I will test it out some day.
    I am using premiere cs3, but havent come across a TV effect yet.

    The overhead shot was indeed quite ruining.

    Thank you for honest feedback, I have learned from this.

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    I watched your video and thought it was alright. There were a few things I would change in it and they are the first and second titles are not onscreen long enough to read, change 'Security Camera 01' to something else, I think you gave three views so they could have been 'Cam 01', 'Cam 02' and 'Cam 03' instead. Or what about 'Kitchen Cam', 'Fridge Cam' and 'Floor Cam', I think you could have played around with this idea of where the camera's could have been located. Security cameras just give the time and date onscreen.

    Again, the shots are too long, the camera is shaky in some scenes and you could have taken out the first scene of the cat in its basket after we leave Mario, cut to the title screen and then cut to the graphic with the crosshair, this would have shortened the video as there was no need for two scenes of the cat in its basket.

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