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Thread: Cutting Frames from Videos?

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    Default Cutting Frames from Videos?

    Hey all. I'm running an sound education/tutorial website, and I've decided to start making video's to help out the average user out there who has little or no experience in the audio world.
    I'm using a Screen Recorder software (Camstudio) to capture the moves I'm making in the various audio software etc. I've used my full resolution for the recording, as I don't want my workspace to be limited and make everything look messed up etc. Full res is 1680x1050.

    Of course, I'm not planning to stream these videos in such a high resolution, what I'm trying to do is make a video of a smaller dimension, say 600x400 or similar, and then use transitional effects/autopan/ or just simple effects to focus on an area of 600x400 from the original 1680x1050 video. Edit: I'm trying to Crop the video.

    I could of used the autopan option from Camstudio, but since that option likes to focus wherever the mouse pointer is, it constantly moves around when my mouse pointer exits the recording area, which is bad as sometimes I want the recording area to stay put. It would be nice if Camstudio had an option to Disable autopan on the fly while recording, but as I see it, it doesn't. I've tried Camtasia, but that software seems way too buggy, and I haven't seen that option there either.

    So the only way to do the 600x400 video now, is to manually cut out frames of size 600x400 from the original 1680x1050 video. The only problem is, I'm not sure how to do that. I've recently aquired a copy of Cyberlink PowerDirector, as I've seen the review of most sites and they rate the software among the top. Is there an option to cut out frames of a set dimension from the original video?

    A friend of mine also has the Pinnacle Studio software, maybe it has the feature that I can't seem to find in Powerdirector.

    Thank you for reading this, I hope you can help me out.
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    Ok to make this more easier to understand I've put up some pictures of what I'm trying to do:

    Let's say this is the original video of a big resolution:

    I wan't to CUT out a part of this video:

    I have the new cut-out video, and I want to export it:

    I'm not trying to make a Zoom-in effect, because I will be exporting this new video in its own size. So if I cut out 400x200 pixels, the new video will contain this cutout and be of these dimensions.

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    Hey nevermind, I found a much better software, the TMPGEnc Xpress. It's fast, it's got loads of options, + I can set the bandwidth and filesize on the fly, which is pretty important as the website is going to stream these videos. You can close the topic now.

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