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Thread: DV500 Card Not Working with Premier CS3

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    Default DV500 Card Not Working with Premier CS3

    I have recently upgraded my Adobe Premier 6.5 to Premier CS3 and cannot get my DV500 card to work with it.

    I am just getting back into video editing so I may be a little rusty. I have tried changing settings in capture section of Premier CS3, I am trying to import analog video, could anyone confirm correct setting ?

    I have tried the Pinnacle Card software but it doesn't seem to work, Is there a driver that might configure the card to work with Premier CS3 ? It used to work with Premier 6.5

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    Sorry, but you won't get DV500 to work with Prem. CS3 (no drivers from pinnacle) but you can get DV500 / Prem 6.5 to work on a new (PCI.E) board, just replace the graphics card with an old PCI card (AGP won't work on PCI-E boards no skt's) and bingo! it works.I have done this several times for club members and it has allways worked o/k. You can get a "PNY Ge Force 6200" (265m/b) for about 30 .and this will do fine. Old John

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    My DV500 card is attached to a unit which has phone leads to import analogue video, which is why I want to use the DV500 card. I have some old footage videos that I would like to import into Premier and then edit. Maybe, I'll just use the old software to import it and then try and edit it with CS3, what do you think ?

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    It might work if you change the capture format from Pinnacle to M/soft avi. Old John.

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    Yo i was just on the phone with Pinnacle, and they said if you use the drivers from their Dazzle 11 or 12 software then the DV500 card should work. I havent done it yet, but its worth a try, if you get on the site there should be a link to all of their software drivers.

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