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Thread: Video lag - pls help!

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    Arrow Video lag - pls help!

    i am trying to convert a dvd file(.vob) to a wmv file..after conversion i will be editing in sonyvegas. iv been successful with the conversion but the video lags by around 2-3 seconds at some places so it really isnt pleasant to watch if u know. i am using a software called aimersoft dvd for this.. what is the best setting for conversion to wmv from a vob dvd file? i tried many times in different settings.can someone pls choose the best settings for me because i dont know what is what here.....

    resolution-best resolution?
    frame rate-30fps/ or shall i keep original frame rate?
    bit rate-theres 1500/2000/2500kbps?

    sample rate 22050/32000/44100/48000?
    bit rate-96lbps/128kbps/160kbps?

    i have---2Ghz, 160 Gb hard disk, 1 Gb ram..

    i need to finish this work urgently so pls help.any idea welcome.
    peace and love from india.

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    If you are in India then use 25fps and not 30fps as this is used in America and parts of Asia. Why do you want to use .wmv, I would use .avi instead. Admittedly, it will give you an enormous video file but the quality will be much better to start with. Try copying the .vob file off the dvd and onto your hard disc. Then rename the file with a .mpg extension, keep the prefix.

    Next download AVIDEMUX 2.4 (it's freeware) and import the newly named .mpg file into it. Open up the file and look over on the left side and there is a panel with the words VIDEO, AUDIO, SHIFT and FORMAT. Under the dropdown for Video select DV (lavc), under the dropdown for Audio select Wav PCM, for Shift leave it at 0 (zero) and under the dropdown for Format select AVI. You will also be asked if you wish to index the video file select YES for this.

    Hopefully this procedure will convert your initial file to a file format that you can easily edit.

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    Nikosony ,
    i did exactly exactly as you told me.i renamed the file from .vob to .mpg format but from what i noticed it did not change the format at all but only the name! so next i downloaded the software and then i went to open and selected one of the .vob it had asked whether i should index them? i gave i inputed the settings u gave.i tried to save the movie and i got an error about video filters. so again i went back and removed the .mpg extension and tried again.i got a different error this time:

    something to do with pixels and frame rate i think! what is the best thing i can do now?.. any format is ok with me because at the end of the day its all about editing the video file in sonyvegas and making the movie in such a way that there is video lag.
    just one more thing.these are a bunch of files i actually copied from a dvd. they are .BUP, .IFO and .VOB files

    thanks for guiding me.

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