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Thread: technical comedy..need advice

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    Red face technical comedy..need advice

    I usually don't do comedy videos, your advice is needed so I know where i'm going wrong..

    I had a old video friend who told me once a joke is done move on, don't hesitate on the funny moment, so its pretty fast paced.

    Its the second in a series of videos related to work, and the people I work with set me a challenge to make their job more fun.

    Your comments are welcome.

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    I thought it was very good, certainly the fast pace helped it along. My best moment was the taped outline on the wall. The audio quality needed to be much better, seemed like it was quite distant, but then also quite a lot of popping.

    Very good though.

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    Not bad. Pretty funny. Seemed a bit like a "demo" rather than a finished product.
    A few comments...

    1. As Clay_9 said, the audio was pretty poor.
    2. The script is good, and the language appropriate (though "calculations of the break resistance are done" should perhaps be "...resistance are made."
    3. Your voice/delivery isn't quite right. Some of the key jokes were lost on me first time around. Getting the speed right is very tricky as you know the script. So what seems slow to you might be too fast for someone listening for the first time. Equally you're very aware of the dangers of it being too slow. Try other people - you may be surprised - someone who sounds good "in the flesh" (where you can also see body language/facial expresions) may not sound good as a v/o and vice versa).
    4. The actors are not always taking it seriously - bits of smiles/grins keep creeping in. In a spoof all parts MUST be acted dead straight. (Think Monty Python - no matter how ludicrous the scene and script, Cleese and co always played it right down the middle - now imagine it if they were occasionally having a wry grin - it simply wouldn't work)

    "There's nothing hard about being soft" is a fantastic strap line

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    Default thanks

    Thanks for you input into the video, and yes I agree the audio is of proor quality, not helped by a process i used to hide my real voice, and I should have peed over the mic..should have watched Marks video microphone matters.

    The video has many in jokes which relate to the people in the video, so it was a real gamble to let the general viewing public have a view, so far it seems to have worked..

    I did one oter video like this a month back, it was a little more serious and did fool some people that the technology was real, it was a slower paced video but set a seed to making this one.

    About why it is so brief and moves along...its all about how people use youtube, I have watched many people view youtube content, and its mazing how many will not see a video from beginning to end, it seems even a 10 second flat spell will kill a video with todays attention spans..and ask to watch a video over 3 min, well why..can't you tell me in 2min.

    Like letter writing, if you can't explain yourself on a single A4 page who has time to read the rest.

    I believe on youtube ...content is king, editing is queen,

    Trying to make it on youtube without bums tits and arse...but thats very difficult.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rollingstock View Post
    .....Trying to make it on youtube without bums tits and arse...but thats very difficult.
    Tell me about it!

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    Default bum video cracking youtube

    It was interesting to see Marks video about bums go up, and how it was a instant winner, its early days and I believe this will be his youtube trump card..

    But if your clever you can have a inpact on youtube without using bums tits and pretty faces...its not easy and it takes time, its not impossible.

    The BA technology videos I have done are a break away from my usual style, and its a gamble, comedy is a very tricky medium.

    The key is content, and a good mix of weird content o your channel.

    Use forums like these to kick start your viewing audience.

    Understand subscribers are the key, and a good subscriber is someone who also makes good videos, good subscribers are very tricky to obtain..

    In youtube, like real world television there are very few producers, and millions of viewers, but the difference is these viewers are not passive.

    Short snappy videos like little pop songs, something which will sit in someones mind, or have them send it on....I call it MTV editing, and its all about the camera move on a subject as well tied into the edit.

    And fringe subjects seem to do very well, things which maybe have only a magazine in a shop supporing it, woodworking, shooting, even how to on video, photoshop tricks, computer know how are examples.

    Combine this with a sexy girl and the world would be yours..but thats cheating

    Using the keywords in youtube is also important to focus on who you want to see the video, and try to have a spread over the different sub categories, I believe comedy is one of the hardest to crack and haave a inpact.

    You need a killer video, something from deep within.

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    You hit the nail on the head! I do my best to create funny intelligent comedy and will never resort to toilet humour or swearing. My channel views and subscribers are not the best, but I just know my stuff makes everybody laugh!

    My 'killer' video and the one im most proud of: 'word soup' YouTube - Word Soup

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    It's obvious that a lot of thought and work has gone into this video.

    It falls down slightly on a couple of points, which have been mentioned but I'll repeat them anyway!

    Spoofs have to be taken seriously. There are too many grins and "ham" acting moments. You need stronger direction to keep your actors in their roles. They are all acting the part, you don't believe that they are the role.
    The voice-over needs work. Listen to V/O on documentaries and image videos. The speaker has to take his/her role seriously believeing that they are voicing a serious video. The speaker becomes a bit "hyper" in parts, a touch of over-acting in my opinion.

    Otherwise, a really nice piece of work. I bet you're all really pleased with it.

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    It's great to see BMX Barry again, and the rest of the guys throwing themselves through the walls. Is that you doing the voice over? If it is, you need to slow down a bit in the delivery and take a few breaks as it is just one continuous speech. Put in a few commas and full stops in the script, count 1,2 after each full stop and 1 after each comma (but not out loud).

    It is a mistake non professional voice over 'artistes' make - that you have to rattle on and on at break neck speed to reach the end, when the opposite is really what is required. If you listen to documentaries or nature programmes on tv (yes, I said listen, not watch) the person talking leaves lots of gaps and lets the pictures do the work. Other than that it made me laugh again, it must be great having a job like that where all you do is break stuff.

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