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Thread: TRAILER!!! watch this please :)

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    Default TRAILER!!! watch this please :)

    Hi people i've got another new video
    but this time it's a trailer to 5 new videos,they aren't finished yet but i wanted to give some footage away i hope you like it, or some of it

    Please leave your comments i'd like to hear from you guys

    I hope you enjoy my work (used my greenscreen... finally!!)

    greets Bieke

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    I liked the images a lot, they certainly showed imagination. A couple of points though...

    The Indiana Jones sequence could have been a bit faster, in my opinion, it lacked an element of "danger".
    The greenscreen shots were very well done although I noticed a bit of green fringing at times. It's not blatantly obvious because you picked the backgrounds very well. In future though, I would try moving your subject a bit further away from the greenscreen. The problem is often caused by reflected light from the greenscreen bouncing back onto your subject.

    Very nice scenes though, obviously having sexy actresses and a good looking Indiana helps a lot!

    The sound needs a bit of work, in my opinion. The speech was very "distant" as though you used the camera microphone, or were too far away with the mic. Give your sound recordist a slap!

    The music didn't segue all that well either, the transformations jarred quite a lot.

    However... I get the impression that a lot of work has gone into this and I hope that the final videos are as good as the trailers!

    Good Luck.

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    Default thanks ^_^

    then i'll have to slap myself

    I did all of the work myself
    and even acted one role (the blond girl with the guns is me) lol

    thanks for your advise and thanks so much for taking the time to watch tis.
    I'll work on it and i promise, the full videos will be even better!

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    I watched your trailer video and although you have five good ideas for movies, the way you packaged them into that trailer made them look terrible. I found it difficult telling when one ended and the next one started, each one should have had a title you could read (the video with the two women or was one a man? - that effect you had on the title made it impossible to read).

    Also the titles on the back of the map in clip one where not onscreen long enough to read and your spelling needs to be checked, that's one of the first things your audience will spot is bad spelling so use a spell checker from now on. The woman in the top hat and the camera going along a path (just two scenes from one movie?) or where they part of the Indiana Jones clip, again very hard to tell one from the other.

    At the end you tell your audience what is 'coming soon', but what is coming soon? You haven't given them the information in that trailer. Again, good ideas for movies but the way the clips are packaged here is doing all five movies no favours.

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    well, when i read your comment, there isn't anything good about my trailer ... i'm not a pro
    I guess your high educated and could do it 100 times better
    well, i can't efford an expensive education and great equipment, but with or without it i'll do just fine

    I do this in my spare time and make the best out of it... i'm still learning step by step on my own (with final cut pro)
    I worked really hard on this one

    so you could be a little less harsh

    This is a hobby, not a job that has to be perfect

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    It's natural to get defensive, but listen to what is being said and it will do you good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by horrorshow87 View Post
    well, when i read your comment, there isn't anything good about my trailer
    No, but Nikosony did say you had five good ideas for movies. Glass half empty?

    Quote Originally Posted by horrorshow87 View Post
    ... i'm not a pro
    well, i can't efford an expensive education
    Which is why FREE ADVICE from the like of Nikosony is invaluable to all of us enthusiastic amateurs.

    Quote Originally Posted by horrorshow87 View Post
    This is a hobby, not a job that has to be perfect
    So you don't want to improve?

    Please don't complain about criticism received at a pro level otherwise the likes of Nikosoy, Guru, the Marks etc will get fed up and eventually stop posting that criticism and then NONE of us will benefit from their words of wisdom and any of us who want to improve will have to commit time and money to more formal courses if we want to improve.

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    Thumbs up sorry, didn't want to be enoying

    i just wanted to defend my work

    I have stand before a lot of jury's in my life (i have studied art)
    It's normal when someone breaks down your work you defend it
    but i'm greatful for the tips and i will keep that in mind what they told me here when i'm finishing the real videos
    I know they mean it well, and i'll learn from it
    If i didn't want to learn, i probably wouldn't post my work on this forum

    so, thanks again for the comments, and when the first film is ready, i'll post it here

    bieke xx

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    It's not a criticism directed at you but when someone posts their work on here you have to expect both good and not so good things to be said about it. You are advised quite clearly that if you are easily offended by criticism then you should not post.

    It is done in the hope that you will take the points onboard and apply some or all to your video(s) before you put them on general release. I certainly look forward to seeing some or all of the full five videos but with the current edit of the trailer you are going to use to promote them, it won't do them justice. I would do a re-edit on the trailer and choose better scenes that give the viewer the essence of the each movie, at the moment I'm not getting that from the current trailer.

    And no you don't need an 'education', small things like using a spell checker on any text you intend to use will sort that out. The mis-spellings stand out like a sore thumb and detract from the clips and if they are kept in the full videos aswell, they will have an adverse affect on them too. So get the spelling sorted and lengthen the time some of those titles stay onscreen, they are too short at present.

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    thank you very much
    I'll work on it
    When the first video is ready i'm going to post it here first before trowing it on youtube and other sites, that way you guys can help me filter the last bad things out that i didn't see or missed
    if that's ok..

    XX Bieke

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