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Thread: first camcorder advice?

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    Default first camcorder advice?


    I'm looking to spend not a lot, around 300 or a bit more on my first camcorder

    I realise you must get these questions non stop on these forums but i'm getting quite frustrated trying to find reviews online, maybe one of you can do the work for me!

    I'm not too bothered about high resolution - i don't have an decent tv and in reality anything i do will be put online/streamed anyway. I'm aware that higher quality must give you more scope for editing though..

    Having said that, image quality is obviously important!

    quick focusing, ability to choose where autofocus aims etc

    The main thing though is that i want to get stuff off the camera and into premiere easily and quickly - i'm assuming that an HDD camera is the way to go here?

    anyway - could anyone recommend a camera that might suit me?

    also any links to up to date and respected review/comparison sites would be very useful! i imagine this forum is full of stuff but finding them is tricky..

    thank you,


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    so looking through other posts (as i should have done in the first place..) it's becoming more apparent that HDD is not as simple as it should be..

    i also came across this - MainConcept MPEG Pro HD 3 MainConcept: Information does it solve the issues?

    i've used tape a while ago and found the capturing process pretty annoying tbh.. if i can avoid that it would be all the better!

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