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    Can abybody tell me the difference between "1 pass" & "2 pass" when exp[orting to DVD in Premier, I have tested both and do not realy see any difference ?

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    Good question Darren, I'm like you, can't visually see any difference (have also used the one and two pass encodings to wmv files from within Premier Pro). Perhaps some one can tell us but the only diffence to me is the twice as long encoding process

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    I've always thought of it as that "double check" the software performs "just in case" something didn't render properly the first time round, it was interupted, you started a power hungry task during the render which made the process skip a frame etc etc. But like both of you I cannot tell the difference. //

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    Thanks Gents, seems like I can stop looking for something i cannot see now then. Ta


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