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    Hi all...

    I have Premier Pro CS3 only (not After Effects).

    I need to be able to add moving graphics to a clip to re-enforce the narration.

    I am thinking of doing this by...

    A - creating the graphic as a jpg etc...
    B - importing it and placing on a track in the timeline
    C- animating its position with key frames

    Any thoughts on this approach from those that already do!

    Is there a better way??


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    Will work just fine as long as you change one thing in your workflow. unless your graphics are square you will want to save them in a format thatwill preserve the alpha channel (do this anyways).

    if you're an Adobe person then use Photoshop format because you can preserve not only the alpha channel then but also the individual layers and animate them independently.

    Arguably, as you hinted, this type of task is best performed in After Effects but if you can do what you need by animating position and size then it will work just fine.

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