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Thread: I need to play 3 movies on three displays from the same pc

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    Default I need to play 3 movies on three displays from the same pc

    Hi Guys, can anyone tell me how to do this. I have a client who wants to have three monitors in their office on a post that wlll run three movies (looped) or a series of movies in each loop. The want to have three screens running three different files but all from one can I do this??? anyone?

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    Different movie? Or the same?

    If its the same movie he could just clone the main display and it would produce on the other 2. But if they are seperate movies, perhaps

    Run video#1 - media player classic
    #2 - windows media player
    #3 - vlc.

    Could work? Only suggestions.

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    would it not be cheaper and easier to have a portable DVD player.

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    Thanks for replying...I believe it is three different movies. Can I run all three programs at the same time on different screens? And if I used a dvd player instead, I suppose I would need three of them...each hooked up to a different screen? I am no techno wiz so this stuff is chinese to me. Thanks again.

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    Yeah you can run them all at the same time.. like i used to play a game on one monitor and have movie on another. Might have to fiddle around with the directx settings & insure you have latest graphic drivers.

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