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Thread: Editing in B-Roll Sounds Using Sony HandyCam

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    Default Editing in B-Roll Sounds Using Sony HandyCam

    I'm trying to add in sound using the Sony HandyCam for a scene. I'm using Windows Movie Maker. IS there a way to record just sound using the Sony Handycam DCR-SR45? When I try to just add in just the sound for a video the entire video comes along. I just want to use the sound as background noise and keep the existing audio in place. Is there anyway to do this?



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    Download audacity (it's free!) and import your already captured audio into a new project. Next plug in your camera to the PC / Laptop and record this new audio track into audacity. Export the project (which now has 2 audio tracks) as a .Wav file and the use that in WMM as the programme only has 1 audio track. //

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