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Thread: Used Canon XL2 buying advice - What should I look out for?

  1. Default Used Canon XL2 buying advice - What should I look out for?

    Hi There,

    I am a complete noobie to the world of video. I am setting up a website that requires a lot of high quality video footage and have decided to purchase a high end camera.

    After some research and reccommendations from friends I am thinking about getting a Canon XL2. I have found a used XL2 at a good price and will be going to view it tommorrow.

    Does anyone have any tips on what I should be looking out for when viewing/testing it?

    Are there any common problems or issues that I should check?

    Are there any tell tale signs of one in bad condition?

    Any thoughts and advice are highly appreciated.



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    I don't own a Canon XL2 but I've used them in college and they are great camcorders.So this is more general advice and possibly the best thing you are doing is actually going and looking at it. Check the body of the camera for wear and tear, does the tape compartment open and close correctly and can you hear any strange noises coming from the camcorder when it has been on for a few minutes?

    Make sure any part attached to the camera body is not loose and that all the buttons are responsive. Check the viewfinder and make sure it can be focused correctly for your eyesight and there are no dead pixels on the display. Make sure all connections are clean and don't move when you grab them and give them a shake. Check the front lens element for scratches, cracks or even a small spec of dirt which if it the wrong place will appear on your recordings and ruin them.

    Do a few test recordings both indoor and outdoor to see how the camera responds in both daylight and under low light conditions, also listen to the audio when playing back the recordings. Finally check the accessories aswell to the same extent, make sure the metal contacts on any batteries you get are clean and that the battery casing isn't split, you don't want it heating up and exploding.

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    Thank you. Ill let you know how I get on.

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    Ask what he has been using it for - if he says weddings - dont buy unless you are confident it hasnt been thrashed.

    Many cams that are used for weddings get so much use what with long long (boring dull ) takes and huge capautres that the transports can be worn - unless of course it has a good service history.

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    Thanks for your help guys. I printed your advice along with the "included components" page from the official manual and went to see the camera. After about an hour of testing all seemed to be in working order and I managed to pick up the camera for 1100 so I am very happy.

    My next purchases are for a case and tripod. I am thinking to get the Peli 1620 case.

    I also need to get me a basic tripod. Does anyone have any they can reccomend?


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    Nice camera, but why do I always think of it as the pronographers camera ? ??

    It's a buyers market with bargains to be had if you are yet to fall under the spell of hdv.

    Peli cases are the business, afaik.

    As ofr tripods, dont spend less than 350 ish. I have a vinten pro5 and dont feel the need for better.

    My friend has a libec that cost more and whilst it looks / feels better made with nicer controls it pans similarly but is very heavy.

  7. Default Smallest possible pelicase for Canon XL2

    Thanks for the advice Mark.

    Does anybody know the smallest possible Peli case that I can use for the XL2. I read that people use the 1620 for it. Are there any smaller cases available that still fit the XL2??

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