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Thread: Help. Cheap Camcorder to please missus & me

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    Default Help. Cheap Camcorder to please missus & me

    Help please choosing a cheap camcorder. Days of research and I am really confused now!

    Ideally, I liked the Canon HF100 (£550) and HG10 (£500). However, I have been told they cost too much (fiancée)! So started looking at the Panasonic HDC-SD9 (£400) or maybe FS100?

    Then again, reading some of the posts here, maybe I want a mini dv or something and to dismiss DH as a novelty? Are they re-recordable, can you still edit on the PC?

    My fiancées rationale is that her dads old tape camcorder produces good quality video with all the house lights on! I think she would like to spend about £250-350. If this were not going to happen, I would need a strong case of reasons to spend more!

    Any suggestions & advice much needed please!

    Main uses;
    • Recording holidays & 6month old son (indoors & out)
    • Recording Kendo fights (martial arts)
    • portable.

    Simple/Easy use for girlfriend (I am more technical);
    • Easy Point and shoot ability
    • Easy Minimum Fuss so no tapes or DVDs?
    • Easy Importing video from Camera to Laptop to edit
    • Easy Viewing & editing video on laptop (1gig ram, 1.8 chip)
    • Easy to Burn data to DVD for playing on regular DVD player (for family)
    • Easy Direct play into Standard Def Plasma 42 inch for playback from camera (no HDMI)
    • Utilise my PlayStation 3 (Memory cards, USB connector?)

    Questions & Dilemmas:
    • Future proof? High def or not, even if I only use standard def now. As I know my comp could not edit the footage currently
    • Will standard def played on standard 42-inch plasma look ok?
    • Is flash no moving parts really significant benefit over HDD?
    • Shoudl I really be looking at tapes/mini dvds etc
    • Should I try to stretch budget (to HF100 or HG10 or similar) now or upgrade in 2-3 years time?
    • We have a Panasonic SD still camera so might be best keeping to the SD mem format if flash s the way forward?

    Please help with suggestions/advice

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    The clincher for me is ... 'Easy Importing video from Camera to Laptop to edit'. If you want to do this then get a tape based Mini DV camcorder. Look on the Argos and Jessops websites and you will find camcorders within your price range. Stick with Canon, JVC or Panasonic and you won't go wrong.

    Argos are doing a Panasonic NV GS230 with 3CCD's for £199.99 at present, I would give this camcorder serious consideration. It uses Firewire to connect to the computer (laptop or desktop) and has very very good picture quality, 10 x zoom and 2.3 megapixel still pictures.
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