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Thread: Overheating Problem With Packard Bell 3500 Store and Save External Hard Drive

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    Default Overheating Problem With Packard Bell 3500 Store and Save External Hard Drive


    My last film was 24 minutes long, edited on Premiere Elements. I used a Packard Bell 3500 Store and Save External Hard Drive (500gb). I only used a fraction of it but it kept over-heating and automatiucally switching off.

    So I'm never buying one of those again!

    I'm starting my next film and need to buy another external hard drive to house the project. Are portable hard drives any good, or do they overheat, too? I did an extremely processor intensive project on a 160gb Phillips hard drive and it never failed once. So I may go for a Phillips. I've read that external hard drives with aluminium cases are good at dispelling the heat. Is this so? Also, can you buy external hard drives with built in fans/cooling systems?



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    I've got two external 500GB hard drives, one is from Freecom and the other is from LaCie and I've never had any problems with them (keeping my fingers crossed). Both run off USB and it is where I do weekly backups of important files including video files. I never use them for direct video capture, that is done using an internal SATA drive running at 7,200rpm.

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    That drive / enclosure is faulty - that shouldnt happen - get it replaced gratuis.

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