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Thread: Can anyone help me out??

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    Default Can anyone help me out??

    Hi all,
    I am a college student. I need to make projects on different topics. For this I use different sites to collect useful information related to topics. But it is time consuming. It takes time to open different pages and take a look on the content. Thatís why I am looking for a tool, which will work faster than others. Any help from anyone will really helpful to me.
    Thanks a lot!!

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    I wish there was such a 'tool' that could find webpages for you and open them and see if you liked them or not but what you are asking is impossible. Everyone has to spend time looking through sites and a lot of the time try again and again to find the information you are looking for. Maybe you are not using your browser or search engine correctly.

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    Years ago I bought a video recorder to watch all the crap TV programmes for me that I didn't have time for. Saved me hours of leisure time.

    The only s/w I know that will visit many different web pages for you automatically is the sort fo stuff you download by accident. trouble is, all the web sites that pop up for me are porn!!!

    Ha ha. I don't actually mean this quite as sarcastically is it sounds. Just couldn't resist the joke. maybe you should elaborate on what you really want.
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    Buddy, it’s very important for every student to make his project presentable. For this you need good information. As a student you have to utilize your time too. I would like to suggest you a quick browser add-on, with the help of it you can easily see the content of a new page without leaving the old one. With the help of it you can utilize your time in a better way. You can easily download this free browser tool from here.
    Hope my suggestion will help you!!
    Good luck!
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