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Thread: Sony Vegas rendering problem

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    Default Sony Vegas rendering problem

    Hi, i just bought Sony Vegas 8.0 and after i've made a project and i try to render it just won't let me select mpeg2 as a format. In fact, there isn't even mpeg2 in the list. I've tried out some new codecs, checked my video card settings etc. yet the problem insists. What's wrong? Thanks in advance

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    I don't have this issue with my registered VegasPro8. Just a thought, have you fully registered the s/w with SONY yet?


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    I had this, I uninstalled the program and then re-installed to get my MPEG option back

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    After you reinstalled, you must've re-registered it too? Yes?

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    you cannot use it without registering as it was not the trial version.

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    hmm i could render to formats such as avi, wmv, wma etc. but MPEG2 was nowhere to be seen. I'll insert the password i was given and then see what happens. Thanks

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    What p/w? I didn't get a p/w? You have a menu asking for a p/w?

    Interesting . . .


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