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    Hi Everyone,

    I have a JVC evirio mc500 an it records in .mod format. I recived Cyber Director as an editing package with the camera and apart from beeing slightly limited it works fine. I want to use Premier so I converted the .mod files to .mpeg but when i edit the footage it turnes out all jumpy and blured.

    Is ther any way to fix the problem so i can use premier of is there another editing pakage with more features for .mod files.

    thanks in advance


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    If you do not output with "lower" field first it may well be your problem. (of course it may not be but i had a very similar problem, its all learning !!!)

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    Premiere doesn't work with mpeg files, I don't know if that has changed in CS3 but in previous versions it didn't. It seems to be set up more for .avi and .mov files than any other format. Yes, it does use mpeg files but at the end of the process when it comes to burning a dvd. I downloaded a program recently called AVIDEMUX 2.4 and I copied a .vob file from a dvd onto my hard drive, I renamed it with a .mpg file extension (I kept the prefix) and then I imported the newly named mpg file into AVIDEMUX 2.4. Thankfully it opened it and using the settings on the left side of the main window I chose the following settings...

    Video:- DV (lavc)

    Audio:- Wav PCM

    Shift:- 0 (Zero)

    Format:- AVI

    Also click YES when it asks you do you want to index the file.

    It then rendered the file to .avi and I was able to open it in Adobe. This may or may not work with .mod files.

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