A few months back I was given a projector that needed a new bulb, after shelling out 250 quid for the bulg (gasp) I have finally set it all up with a proper screen and sound system.

WOW sums it up.

Source - rubbish dvd player.
Projector - Mitsubishi xl1 1024 x 768 i tnink), meant for office presentations and 'only' an old lcd model.
Screen - 7ft wide
Sound - Two m fideltiy power amps biwired to some very nice floorstanding gales.

I am currently rediscovering my fav films and was up to four last night ! WOW really sums it up - if u like films this has to be the way to do it.

Sure the actual res is no better than a very good tv but the size and brightness of the picture really helps film communicate and persuade. Noticing lots of nuances I never saw befor.

Very pleased.