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    Hey im having a problem with Vegas audio, I get this problem sometimes. When upload the video file into Vegas it puts the video in all good, but only like a quarter to half of the audio ? The file im putting in is 6 gigI will attatch a photo to show what I mean, its pretty annoying. I think the problem happens halfway through the "building audio proxy". It just stops with an error.

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    Format & Source?

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    Its .AVI an I capture all my footage on windows movie maker. The camera I use is a Canon MD225. Hope that helps

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    Why didn't you capture from your Canon MD225 using Vegas? Why use Wondows Movie Maker?

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    Iv just always used Movie Maker cause its simple. An also when I click stop capture in Vegas it just saves the file straight away when really I only wanna stop that certain part. Is my problem fixable ? Anyone had this before ?

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    Well, something has changed? YEs?

    Try and capture using Vegas. If you get the same result then, potentially, it is another issue, but if NOT then it is capturing into WMMM that is giving you grief. Why now? I haven't the foggiest1


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    Well I found the tape an am re-capturing it now. I cant capture using Vegas now, yet another problem . It doesnt recognise the camera. Ill try capturing in WMM again, if that doesnt work then I dunno. Thanks heaps for your help by the way ! Ill let ya know how it goes

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    Ok well re-capturing it seemed to fix the problem, thanks again for you help

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