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    Hi all, I'd just like to introduce myself first as this is my first post via this forum. I'm just about to start video freelancing full time. I've been lucky to have worked in a video production company now for a few years gaining experience on camera shooting and editing but I'm finding myself at a loss as to which camera to buy with so many there on the market. Here at my company we have only used the two cameras we have which are JVC gy hd100's which are prolly a little out of my budget.

    So I just wanted to ask advise on which camera. My budget is 2500 and I would like the camera have the option to shoot in both hd and sd widescreen and would prefer a 3CCD

    The camera work I'm looking into isnt broadcast so I'm looking for work in internet video and small dvd work/corporate video/promo videos.

    Currently im looking at either the Sony HVR Z1U or the Sony HVR-HD 1000U, if anyone knows about these cameras or can either give me a thumbs up or a thumbs down at either it would be greatly appreciated. Although if there are better cameras than these for my needs then please let me know

    Ok thanks for any advise given



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    Default another question

    well after looking strenuously through the video camera market I've found that the Cannon XL2 may be the cam of choice. The problem is that this got me thinking about another very important point. I could with my budget get the XL2, good camera that I'd feel safe with in the direction of video quality...But if i Was to get the Sony HVR 1000U model, i could get two of these in the budget.

    Ive kinda come to a decision but it would be interesting to hear peoples opinions in regards to the dual cam setup or single cam setup. SHould I take a cut in video quality for two cams (as im pretty sure that thie cheaper camera here dosnt have the same video quality as the cannon) or at first stick with the one????

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