My friends and I made a trilogy in high school based on the Dawn of the Dead series. The three movies we made were Dawn of the Dweebs, Day of the Dweebs and Land of the Dweebs.
I decided to throw Day of the Dweebs up on YouTube for you guys to enjoy. It's rather hilarious if I do say so myself. It got a standing ovation at the video festival in my high school!
So check it out. It's in two parts so make sure you watch both parts! (It was too long to put in all at once... and yes, I know, that's what she said).
The links to both are:

Part 1 : YouTube - Day of the Dweebs Part 1
Part 2 : YouTube - Day of the Dweebs Part 2

i hope you enjoy and remember to let me know what you guys think! And if you have a youtube account, be sure to message me on there, too! AND add me as a friend!!!