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    Default JVC Everio DigiCam & Share Station

    Hi everyone. I am new here and seeking some help.

    I have a JVC Everio GZ-MG37AA 30Gb HDD Camcorder. (video files are .MOD) No problems editing once they are re-named with .Mpeg

    Will be going on a month long vacation in September and to alleviate the possibility of using up the HDD before the trip ends I purchased a JVC Everio Share Station CU-VD3 with a view to burning video files to DVD every few days.

    Problem is the share station only burns a full movie of all the files that I wish to copy. When I place the burnt DVD into my PC it's a full movie that auto plays in Windows Media Center.

    The burning options I get from the cam are "All", "Event" and "Date"......

    So when I explore the disc on my PC after burning by date, all videos within a date become 1 file with the extension .VOB which are not recognised by my video editing software. I use Ulead Video Studio 11. Have also tried them with no luck in Adobe Premiere.

    I have also tried renaming the files to .Mpg/Mpeg. And whilst the files then become recognisable they are unuseable as they stutter and dont play properly.

    So my questions are this:

    1. Is there anything I can do to make these .VOB files editable? and

    2. If not is there another storage option for our holiday? Dragging a laptop around is not something we want to do as we have a number of flights with severe luggage limitations.

    Hope I have explained this well enough

    Thanks heaps

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    To change your .vob files to .avi which is a more easily editable video file format download AVIDEMUX_2.4.1._Win32. It will allow you to import .vob files and on the main screen on the left are a few drop down menus where you can choose the output file format. Choose Video Tab -> DV (lavc) Audio Tab -> WAV PCM Shift -> 0 Format -> AVI. Let us know how you get on.

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    Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.

    Have downloaded and installed Avidemux 2.4.1 and for output under the video tab I have the following options:

    Video>Decoder Options
    >Post Processing
    >Display Output
    >Frame Rate
    >Encoder and

    Or is it on the left under "Format" that I have to choose AVI which has 4 variations

    AVI, dual audio
    AVI, pack VOP
    AVI, unpack VOP

    Thanks again

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    It's the dropdown menus on the left of the main screen where you can see the following...


    Video Tab -> DV (lavc)

    Audio Tab -> WAV PCM

    Shift -> 0

    Format -> AVI.

    You should have more options than the ones you list. Under the Video dropdown menu I have 19 options, under the Audio dropdown menu I have 10 options and under Format dropdown menu I have 13 options.
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    Thanks for your patience. This is what happens when I try to convert a file.

    I open the .VOB video file in Avidemux and it says "this looks like MPEG, do you want to index it?" I choose "yes" as choosing "no" doesnt not work, says "cant open".

    From here I choose out put details as you describe:

    DV (lavc)
    Shift is left as "0" (have tried both checked and unchecked).

    Then I save to desktop. The file I am left with is 2.95Gb (original file size 957Mb) and I have to rename the file .AVI. When I play the saved file it has no audio.

    Not sure if there is anything I am doing wrong.

    Thanks again

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    You need to rename the .vob file to .mpg first (keep the prefix) before you open it in AVIDEMUX and try the procedure again.
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