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Thread: Recoreding audio with cam with no plug??

  1. Default Recoreding audio with cam with no plug??

    Hey what options (cheap is better) can I record audio while shooting a video on my camera? My camera audio works fine, but you have to be sitting close to the camera, I want to walk around and talk, sometimes I cant be facing the camera. Plus my camera is a consumer model and has no audio out thing.

    So what options would I have??

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    Do you mean it hasn't got an external mic socket as this is what you need?

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    Yes it does not have one, so is there an option for me still? like buy a decent voice recorder???

    McGavyer I need You!!

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    Without a means of getting a sound signal into the camcorder you need another way of recording sound.

    There are three main solutions.

    1. Tape based recorders, like audio cassettes, DAT or similar sytems like MiniDisc.
    2. Hard drive recorders.
    3. Memory card recorders using SD or CF cards.

    Audio cassettes tend to be medium or poor quality and you lose more quality when transferring the sound to your computer for editing. MiniDisc is better but also loses some quality when transferring, however they are small, compact and you can pick up secondhand minidisc recorders very cheaply. DAT is very good but falling out of general use which means that you can pick up secondhand DAT recorders at a good price but they're still expensive compared to other systems.

    Hard drive recorders are expensive and, once the drive is full, you're stuffed until you can transfer files onto another medium and start deleting recordings to free up space.

    Memory card recorders are very good value for money and prices for memory cards are falling all the time.

    If you are really struggling and will only be recording "just for fun" with no intentions of working semi-professionally in the future, a secondhand mini-disc recorder is probably your cheapest route. For a bit more you can get a Zoom H2 or Edirol R-09 SD card recorder. You will also need a microphone and, at this level, the Audio Technica AT822 or PRO24 are excellent microphones.

    If you want a better quality with the chance to improve as you go on, then a better specified CF or SD card recorder such as the Marantz PMD660, or the Zoom H4 is the way to go. Here you can use "professional" microphones which require phantom power (supplied from the recorder) and have xlr connectors.

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