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Thread: Computer can't detect Camcorder

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    Default Computer can't detect Camcorder

    I have sent the Sony Vaio FZ31S to Sony Repair Centre for the following faults and it is returned to me saying the computer is repaired and they have changed the main board. However the fault still exists!! I am trying to find out where the problem lies before contacting Sony again.

    1) Connect the Sony HDR-HC1E camcorder via firewire cable to the Sony Vaio FZ31S. No 'autoplay' box appears, no detection of hardware appears. 'Click to Disc' and 'Windows Movie Maker' softwares say cannot find camcorder.

    On computer's device manager can see Sony Camcorder listed under the 'Imaging Device' and it says device working properly. Also says Firewire port working properly.

    2) Connect the same camcorder using the same firewire cable to another Sony Vaio TZ31 - hardware detected and both softwares can transfer videos from the camcorder to the computer.

    Both Sony Vaios are on Windows Vista.

    Where has the Vaio FZ gone wrong that it can't pickup the camcorder??
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