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    I have a Sony DCR-HC17 which has DV in and out. Can somebody please tell me what they are used for?
    At the moment I just download my film via Firewire into Studio 11 Plus (Why does Pinnacle have such a bad time on here?) and edit before burning to DVD.

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    DV out is when video and audio are sent out of a camcorder along a Firewire cable and into the computer for capture and editing. DV in on the otherhand does the opposite, it allows you to send video and audio from an open NLE out through the Firewire cable and back into the camcorder, usually back onto a mini dv tape.

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    Pinaccle - You make it sound as if there is a conspiracy!

    Peoples comments in the forum reflect users expiricence and pinnacle does appear to have stability issues for many.

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    "Pinaccle - You make it sound as if there is a conspiracy!"

    Well, that isn`t what I intended. I haven`t looked at this forum for some time and I was surprised at some of the comments regarding Pinnacle.
    Thanks for the advice re DV.

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    I`m not very experienced at this - could you give me some idea as to how I transfer the edited film back into a camcorder tape?
    Bearing in mind that I`m using Pinnacle for the editing


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