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Thread: Help with offline media-Vegas Pro 8

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    Exclamation Help with offline media-Vegas Pro 8

    I am having an issue.... I had to remove Vegas from my computer due to a problem with my drives, I reloaded it and when I tried to open the project I was working on, all my media appears offline (subclips and original imported media) except for my imported audio. I have tried everything to get the media back into the project but nothing seems to work... I have spent quite a bit of time on this project and I would hate to have to start from scratch. >.< The files and subclips are still physically in my computer but Vegas will not recognize them anymore and I can't get it to replace the media... Please help...

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    Default Maybe this wil help

    watch the video in the link

    [ame=]YouTube - Solving the media offline problem in Sony Vegas[/ame]

    for me it worked

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