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    I'm working a cartoon movie which I plan to sell on DVD. The company that will mass produce the DVDs told me that I could either pay $6,000 to them for copy protection or that I could buy software that lets me add it myself. I heard that Ulead DVD Workshop is a good program to this but I don't know how.

    Anyone here know how to add copy protection (Macrovision and CSS)?

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    adobe encore can add css/macrovision,,, but it wont be 100% protected - but then again nothing is..

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    Personally I wouldnt bother with copy protection.

    Sometimes it can piss of legit viewers and it really is very easy to get round protection if you want to. If your product / packaging and pricing is senisible you will make money.

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    I know that everyone can evade copy protection but it still gives you a good margin of people who don't.

    Someone recommended Ulead DVD Workshop.

    By the way, do I need a DLT? Or can I burn a master DVD and take it to the replicator?

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