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Thread: Half a Maryoke...

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    Default Half a Maryoke...

    Here is a recent one of mine,

    Where the VIEWS are click on the " watch in high quality"

    Regards Z Cheema (SVS)

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    Lubberly! Lubberly! Lubberly!

    Now Cheems, you HAVE to put it into the IOV Awards - really!

    Excellent, lively, HUMOUROUS and just plainly, a truly engaging piece.


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    Absolutely brilliant, you don't see too many wedding videos like that. It's great that you got the couple and everyone else to get involved to such an extent, as they tend to be far too busy doing other stuff. You've definitely set a standard to which other aspiring wedding videographers on here should aim for. Also plenty of visual variety with lots of scene changes, shot size variation and angle change. A lesson for all in how to capture the essence of a wedding day in a video lasting only 3.45 minutes. Now we have something to show these two and three hour wedding video producers that you don't need it. Again, well done.
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    the above video is now up for an on-line voting awards run by the copyright people of UK (PPL & MCPS)

    Wedding, Natalie & Steve 16th May 2008

    The public vote takes place at
    Musical Marriage
    so please feel free to tell all your clients as well as the happy couple that they can vote for YOU.

    Any votes , thanks in advance

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    i love it

    i don't know you people, but i still enjoyed it, so i think that says a lot for a wedding video

    the only thing i didn't like is the black box around the video, not a big deal, but it annoyed me.

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    The black border is not on my video it is part of the YouTube set up

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    Has to be one of the best wedding video clips I have ever seen, a grand effort there I just hope the couple hang in there together, would be a tricky one to beat when the divorce video gets made.

    Will jump onto youtube and give it some stick..add to!

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    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    Excellent stuff. Brilliant shots, great use of the music and 10/10 for getting the couple and guests to play along. Really original idea!

    I've voted at MCPS for you BTW!

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    I think it's brilliant, keep watching over and over, and it just gets better, this surely deserves to win, but I can't seem to vote, the page now tells me to sign in and then I try a dozen times and have no access!!!



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    Cracking video Z! - A funky and powerful song with the bridesmaids adding even more to the impact.

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