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Thread: 'Flickering' video on TV playback

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    Default 'Flickering' video on TV playback

    Hi all,

    I'm new to video creation, but have found myself with the job of producing a video of some Irish dancers ...

    I navigated my way through the minefield of transferring footage from the video camera to my PCs (one running Win XP and the other Ubuntu Linux). I even put together a passable imitation of a video, with titles, transitions, etc.

    All looked fine on my PC so I burned a DVD. In fact, I burned several DVDs, because when played on a household DVD player, the dancers are 'flickering' during fast movement - somewhat like an old silent film but not so pronounced. I've burned DVDs using Windows (Nero Vision Essentials) and Linux (Kdenlive/k3b) but both turn out with exactly the same problem. They look fine on any number of PCs/laptops, but crap when played through a domestic DVD player/TV.

    I've now tried burning different media at different (slower) speeds, but to no avail and I'm now at a loss where to go next. Does anyone have any experience (or solutions) to this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    More infp needed pls.

    Camrera used, format shot in, project settings in editor may help.

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