Arrostia (Sickness) is the latest video attempt from Syeahskate. Prepare yourselves for our "ill" themed video with skating from almost every afflicted person in Syeahskate in various cities of Greece and abroad. This took us almost two years of touring, filming, editing, producing and general foolishness so we think its definitely worth your downloading/viewing time! Bear in mind this isn't a pro video, dont expect any mind-boggling tricks here, we are all amateurs but we bet our video is way more fun and interesting than the majority of action sports videos out there.The supplementary material is over an hour in length and features in depth videos of touring, events, personal views of the skaters themselves and every memorable moment of the past two years.

Directed, Filmed, Edited and Produced by Nick Kouros


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Hi everyone this is Nick Kouros the videographer/editor of syeahskate, i would really love to hear your comments on my new video.cheers!