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Thread: Please help- my first post

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    Default Please help- my first post

    hello I am new to this excellent forum

    i would be grateful if someone who shed some light on the following

    I'm trying to create a movie or a photo slide show, but the opening titiles that i want to create for example my name or the name of the slideshow i would like the following effect,

    The way Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's name appears thats exactly how i want to do it.

    Can Anyone help me? where I can do this, can i download a software that will enable me to do this?

    this is the link with the example

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    I'm not aware of any quick fix to that effect. Maybe others know of a built in preset that will do with their own software but I do not.

    If I were to try that I would do it in Adobe After Effects. Trapcode Shine is good plugin that does the light gleam but you can do it without it. A bit of masking and compisitign and it should fall out ok.

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