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Thread: Get prizes for jus posting videos .

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    Default Get prizes for jus posting videos .

    How it works.
    1. Upload a Useful and Informative original How To video, the videos needs o be under 100mb's and your video needs to be clearly tagged with either a piece of paper that says or is clearly spoken by someone in your video. We do not accept photoshop or video edited water marks that say smashtutorials. This is too insure quiality and originality in your video post.
    2. One the staff reviews your How To video, you will recieve a fixed number of points.
    3. Once you have enough points you may cashout for one of the prizes on our prize page.
    4. Enjoy! Its just that simple.

    Try it out,go to and check out the prizes.

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    You couldn't even provide a link for us so we could check out this amazing site of yours?

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