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    I've just installed the Pinnacle Movieboard to capture my old VCR videos but I can only get a black and white picture. I was sent a FAQ that informed me that I cannot get a colour image using a SCART to S-video cable (at least in Europe). Since my VCR only has SCART and my capture card only has s-video, can anyone suggest an alternative solution?

    Thanks in advance and apologies if this has been asked before.


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    Is your vcr a vhs model or a super vhs model, the s-video cable will only work with a super vhs model. If you are using a vhs vcr then the video signal coming out of it isn't the correct one to go into an s-video cable. Are you in the UK, Australia or America?

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    Hi Nikosony,
    Yeah, its a vhs model, so I'm struggling with a solution. One thing I've found to 'work' is to SCART connect my old VCR to a DVD player and then connect my DVD player to my PC using s-video. I'm not so pleased about the quality though.

    BTW, I'm in the UK.

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    Are you sure your capture card has only got S-video input? It just seems strange that it doesn't have Composite video input aswell as this is what you need to work with the vhs vcr. Do you own a mini dv camcorder with analogue video inputs and dv out? You can use this setup aswell to run an analogue video signal through a mini dv camcorder and then connect the mini dv camcorder to the computer using a Firewire cable. And then just capture as though you were just taking video off a tape that was inside the camcorder.
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