Hi DD!

I've just acquired my first prosumer camera - Canon XL1s - and I'm out getting footage whenever possible.

But I have some questions and wondered if you could help please?

1 - Capturing DV to my PC

I'm using a firewire to the PC, and the Premiere CS3 DV PAL capture settings.

Is this getting the best quality of my raw file from the camera?

2 - I want to publish to DVD and various mobile devices plus the web

What are the output settings I need to use to get top quailty sharp image/smooth motion movies? (assuming my footage is sharp/smooth!)

I've tried a few MPEG2 settings (for transfer to DVD) and the finished item seems lacklustre and slightly blurred compared to when I view in the sample/clip window.

Similarly, some of the H264 settings give me really crappy grainy finished files.

So - I'm just impatient and want to get a table with input-output settings so I can film-edit-publish as efficiently as possible!

Don't want much do I?!

Thanks moose