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Thread: Please try to help me!!!!!! I'm ready to give up on this

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    Unhappy Please try to help me!!!!!! I'm ready to give up on this

    I tried to give up on this because i dont think there is a soltion but if anyone out there can help me i'd be very greatful

    i have some dvd-r that i recorded on a dvd cam that i no longer have access to, the dvds are not finalised and i would do anything to be able to look at them as the footage is important to me, is there any way of finalising them without the camera or any software i could use or any one that you think could help. I put the discs in another camera to try to finalise them but they just come up as blank i dont know if i need the same camera or the same make to fix them. The discs also come up as blank when i put them into the computer.

    I think i have been a year and a half trying to fix this and i have had no luck, i will try anything that anyone can suggest

    I hope someone can help, but I think its nearly time to accept that this is mission impossible.

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    If you've been trying for a year and a half you must have tried everything now at this stage. That's one of the downsides of owning a mini dvd camcorder, if you want to play back the videos on either a dvd player or on the computer you need to finalise the disc before you take it out of the camera.

    If the video is really important to you then the only solution I can think of put them in another dvd cam and use a USB cable to connect it to the computer - you've probably tried that already. Hopefully you will be able to play the video back and get something onto the computer to edit. Other than that you'll have to buy the same camcorder again (make and model) that you shot the original video on and hopefully it will allow you to finalise the disc(s).

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