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Thread: What are these cheap high def cameras like

  1. Default What are these cheap high def cameras like

    My son is after a video camera so naturally I turn to ebay & I spot these chape cameras that claim to be high defination, one example is here

    High Definition Digital Video Camera 3in Widescreen TFT on eBay, also, Camcorders, Photography (end time 25-Jun-08 11:00:00 BST)

    D1 High Definition video resolution (720x480)

    11MP max by interpolation

    5MP CMOS sensor

    Now I'm not the greatest person when it comes to the tech spec of what defines high definition but has anyone tried any of these cheap cameras & do you have any opinions on them.
    Or better yet can someone explain how this high definition works on these cameras?

    Ta, urs confused

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    They are rubbush - think of them as a novetly,

    There is no cheap route to quality,

    If you want true hdv quality that really expoits the possibilties of this techinal std you need to spend 2000.

    So called HDV cameras at less than 1000 are still fantastic cameras but in reality will give the same resoloution as a similarly priceed DV camera that runs std SD resoloution.

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    Oh I certainly appreciate they are not true quality high def for that kinda money, but I am looking at these cheaper cams for my 14 year old sons use. So he can do his own simple little films, not have to muck around with getting DV into a PC etc.

    But I guess what I'm really wondering at is how can they say they are high definition, is their not some kind of common standard a video camera has to meet to be able to say it can record in high def or can anyone just come along & say "Hey my camera records in high def"??? (Much like a 500GB hard drive doesn't actually hold 500GB )

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    High definition ? From that ?

    Nah !

    And with a 64Mb internal memory, that's about 20 minutes recording time at the most, unless you add a memory card.

    The crisp, clear still photo on the ebay listing is probably much clearer than any video footage you'd get from that camera.

    I bought one of those novelty camcorders once, but there's no way the video quality is anywhere near as good as mini dv.
    Item location:GREAT OFFER BUY IT NOW, United Kingdom
    I like the non specific location.

    NTSC ?

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    It will be cool for your son to mess about with.

    Think good phone camera video - like an n95.

    Perfectly adequate for silly you tube videos and a good introduction to film amking.


    Go on e bay and you can get somethin like a sony pc4/6 ( or similar) DV camera for around 100 - a real camera. That is what i would do.

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    Just had a look at the spec of that 'supposed' camcorder and agree with the comments posted already. It is not a hi def camcorder full stop. 720 x 480 is standard def NTSC (American tv system) video and it shoots at 30fps, it claims 11MP by interpolation (this is a con job used on gimmicks) the real resolution is 5MP (for still images, not video - that must be the hi def they are referring to).

    8 x digital zoom and no optical zoom - take Mark's advice and look for a cheap mini dv camcorder on ebay or elsewhere and both you and your son will get many years of enjoyment from using a real camcorder. Make sure it is a PAL camcorder, shoots at 720 x 576 at least, 25 frames per second and has an optical zoom plus a Firewire socket (if you do decide to get a mini dv camcorder).

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    Agree but just wanted some 2nd (& 3rd, 4th) opinions. Cheers

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