Hello evrybdy,

Im using Premier 6.0.As the subject mentions,my captured clips do not play back in the source/monitor window.The clips are in the Bin.I can see the "poster" frame as well.
However when I drag and drop them in the Source window,and hit play, it merely advances a frame (more like 1 sec and a few frames) .Clips play back fine in Windows media player. :( Is it a codec/project setting problem>>>>>.In project Settings>>>captue setting>>>>DV/IEEE1394 capture is selected

Windows 2000 PRO (NTFS)
Pentium 4 2.2 ghz
Asus P4B533 w/t Intel 845
Maxtor 60 gig 7200rpm
1 gig DDR PC 2700 ram
nVidia MX 420 64 mb agp
Adobe premier 6.0
Canon GL-2

I have another post pertaining to capture problems,where i had also mentioned this as well.

I would really appreciate if someone can help/suggest a possbile fix!!