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Thread: Sony Vegas: so short I can't even see it!

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    Default Sony Vegas: so short I can't even see it!

    Hi everybody!
    I'm trying to upload a short video clip on YouTube. Here's what I did.
    I downloaded a short video clip (7 seconds, "00:00:07;27" duration time) from YouTube in *.flv format.
    I converted it into a *.wmv file with "Any Video Converter" Free Edition.
    I opened Sony Vegas Movie Studio 8 and created my own video clip (myvideo.wmv) by adding some music and a credit roll to the *.wmv clip I had converted (let's call it "NYC.wmv").
    The whole thing came up to a total 00:00:14;01 duration (approx. 14 seconds).

    When I rendered it into a wmv file for YouTube (myvideo.wmv) and watched the finished video on Windows Media Player, I noticed the NYC.wmv video clip frames passed so quickly that I could hardly see anything of it. The screen simply turns black. The credits roll were ok, they proceeded at the same speed I had wanted them to roll and can be read easily.

    I thought Windows Media Player was the problem so I watched the video on another media player but the problem persisted.

    What's wrong with it? I understand "NYC.wmv" is just 7 seconds long but when I watched it alone (i.e. not rendered with SV Movie Studio) on Windows Media Player it was just fine, it didn't rush and the frames would roll by at a constant speed so that one could see things properly. After rendering it with SV, the video frames pass by quickly to the black of the end credits. No frames of NYC.wmv can be seen.

    I'm using Sony Vegas Movie Studio 8.0c Trial version for 30 days (at present, 21 days left) on Windows Vista OS.

    Thanks to anyone who can give me some suggestions.
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    I guess the problem is with the settings one chooses when rendering the video for YouTube. I just tried out a new setting.
    Render As..> Template: Default Template> Custom

    Custom Tabs settings
    Project: Best quality
    Audio: 64 kbps 44kHz
    Video: CBR (two passes), keep original sizes, video smoothness 100
    bit Rate: unticked IsDn, ticked LAN 1 M.

    Then I uploaded the video on YT. Even though the quality of the video is not very good, at least now the NYC.wmv clips can be seen.
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