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Thread: very low sound level

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    Default very low sound level

    I connect VHF wireless microphone with my TRV730E but the sound level is very low. So I have to boost the sound level in editing process.

    I want to use this wireless mic and got the acceptable sound level ( without post processing )

    My question is.
    1. Do I need something - as pre mic or something else to amplify the signal before connect to the camcoder
    2. What is the spect of wireless mic or shortgun mic that suit for this camcoder.
    3. I don't know the minimum input level of the camcoder ( there is on data in the operating manual )

    Please suggest, thanks

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    Default I find the way out

    Well, I didn't inform that my wireless is come up with 1/4 inch phone plug for the receiver unit , so I used 1/4 inch to 3.5 mm adapter and 3.5 mm socket on one end and 3.5 mm mini plug on the other with 1.5 meter long wire, then connect to my camcoder.
    I didn't connect camcoder directly from 3.5 mm addper because the receiver unit was in unpractical position.

    The way out

    I guess the signal is loss by the lenght of the connecting wire.

    So I cut only 10 cm long with 3.5 mm mini plug on one end and the other end I solder directly to PCB of the receiver unit. So it is 10 cm long from receiver to camcoder and it work well , sound level is acceptable.

    Hope is useful to you

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