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Thread: interwin dvd creator--need help

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    Default interwin dvd creator--need help

    i can create dvds and play them no problem but my problem is that the video is upside down ive tried everything i can think of but no luck any help would be greatly appreciated


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    That has to be a first on here, video being upside down. We usually hear stuff like the video is too small, too big, it's too pixellated etc. Did you change any of the settings in that software that may have rotated the video or did you apply any effects to it? Did you shoot the original video, I take it that it was recorded with the camcorder the right way up? Does it look alright when you play it back on the timeline?

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    Default interwin dvd creator

    everything was done right did not change any effects or what not and everything plays real good its just upside down

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