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    Default wedding montage

    Client said I could use any music for their montage, so I chose this!
    They like this kind of music.

    Any comments appeciated.

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    Dont give me any more crap about not being confident ok.

    That was superb - all my comments about the other one you posted are retracted for this video. The simialr style works much better with this music.

    Your colour work is excellent, and all the little touches like the gow and blur on the speed ups.

    Some of the shots were top too - the swan, the shot from below the flowers u p to the couple. Very good.

    Still dont likethe random b/w but as it works as a clichee device so poeple like it I guess.

    I have visions of this taking hours and hours to render !

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    Hi GDR!

    Wow, now I know what a good quality shoot looks like edited and packaged up - very nice professional work.

    I was going yo ask which camera/set up etc but have read your site and understand that it's Sony HD based.

    I'm into extreme sports/motor sports sponsorship management so I won't be in competition once I get up to speed - but your quality will be a standard I hope to emulate.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    The link is not working for me, but am guessing it is not a million mile from the Doctor forums...

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    Dude amazing film. Loved every single minute of it tbh. I'm not so good with film editing myself but I know a good film when I see it. So sorry for not writing more detailed feedback my friend. Just know it was a very enjoyable movie. The couple you edited for must be excited.
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