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    Hey guys im new on these forums so i hope this is the right place to post :P
    But i got a problem here. When i add a event FX it only adds as a splitscreen over my videos. Not the full screen. I've tried everything but i cant figure out how to fix it.

    I would be pleased if anyone could help me

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    Top of the preview window - one of the icnos turns this on and off.

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    I'm thinking you have only Left or Right Fx Byass "Split Screen View" engaged on the Preview. This allows viewing the effect of before and after on ONE frame. There are other options on how to view how an Fx is effecting your Event.

    Anyways, try this for starters:

    GO > Video Preview > Split Screen View - click on this OR read what the drop down menu is telling you.

    If this IS the case then there is NOTHING wrong with VEgas.

    Vegas is doing is doing exactly what it should.


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    Seriously thanks alot guys

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