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Thread: Working in Preview but not after Render...

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    Default Working in Preview but not after Render...

    So I have this video. I spent about 3 weeks working on it. Now when I render it, the most part of the video jsut has a black screen, where there is supposed to be video. It's like it doesn't render the video. As if it is nto there. This is one part of the video. The other part works fine. Is it maybe to do with codecs? Is anyone else having a similar problem?

    If anyone has a possible solution could you be kind enough to help me out?


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    What format are you rendering out to?


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    Well, I have tried WMV and AVI. I have not yet tried .mov but I doubt it will have any difference.

    Edit: Jsut tried .mov and I noticed that whe n Iam rendering the preview whilst its renderign it is jsut a black screen, yet the text media does appear.
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    What are the media properties/format of the BLACK events?

    Please supply a screen shot of the timeline?


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    Ok here are soem screenshots.


    Non-Black Events

    Black Events
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    I can see an "Xfire video codec" reference? Is that the Event coming-up BLACK in the render?

    Now, I haven't seen a mention of those codecs before - nothing new about that! - but maybe the codec in your machine will allow for Previewing but not conversion to AVI and WMP.

    What do you think?


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    Thats what I was think the problem was...

    Not sure if its fixable, or if you can convert the codec or something. But theres no way Im makign a new video >_<

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    that sounds like a well dodgy codec.

    All you game boy editors would make your editing much easier of you dropped this osession you all seem to have with weird codecs and resoloutions.

    Just use a normal editing codec at a sensible res for your capture - like ordinary dv - much more stable.

    Once it goes on you tube the high res is lost - play the game is a low res too and the capture will be much smoother too.
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    Well, I use a program called X-Fire to film myself ingame. It also services as an in-game IM.

    I guess it's that which uses its own Codec. It seems a bit silly to me that is uses its own codec, it jsut makes things much harder. I can't really get my hands on any better programs to film in game.

    Anyhow. I found a converter that converts pretty much anything to a .avi. Considerign these are already .avi's jsut with the wrogn codec it should be fine... Although it does seem to be takign its time. Oh well. Time is a a thing you need to rely on when editing videos.

    But I come across another problem. I am not very experienced with Vegas as far. What would be the easiest way to use the new files without having to re - edit everything. They should stil have the same name and the same length. So im guessing I could delete the originals and replace with the new.

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