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Thread: Need help with disappear effect

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    Smile Need help with disappear effect

    can someone tell me whats a good program that can give you a disappear/fade away effect on a person. for example, you know in gta when a person dies and there bodies fade away? i wanna do a mystery sketch and the person fade away effect would b a great touch. can anyone point me to the program? i need it for a windows based computer.

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    Download a free 30 day trial of Adobe Premiere Elements 4 as you will need this software to carry out the effect. It can be done using other software such as Sony Vegas but I am not familiar enough with it. Shoot the same scene twice with your talent in the first scene and not in the second. You don't even need to stop recording, the talent needs to lie on the floor for five seconds then get up and walk out of shot and continue to record for another five seconds,then stop. You will need to have the camera on a tripod so it doesn't move and ruin the illusion.

    Capture the two video clips into APE and split them on the timeline. Go to the Transitions folder and locate the Dissolve transition and click and drag it to the split between the two clips, you will need to render that transition. Play back the two clips and the first clip should dissolve into the second clip at the transition removing the talent from the scene. Try other transitions to see what effects they give.

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    thank you very much, im on it! i appriciate the feedback

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