Hey, bit of a random question.

Got Pinnacle Studio 9 a few years ago and it came with little box which allows me to connect a video camera or my Sky box to the computer so I can transfer footage (composite video & audio, and S-Video). On the box is an output so I could export projects from Pinnacle to the box to put on tape or back to the camera or just simply to play through my tele.

Now I've had Sony Vegas for a few months and I'm wondering if there is a way I can use the Pinnacle box to export the picture to use my tele in the room as a Secondary Monitor. It appears Sony Vegas will let me use the input fuction (as it recongise the box as a way to capture) but it doesnt seem to allow me to use the box as a way for the Secondary Monitor.

Any advice? ANybody had this problem? Or anybody know somewhere on the web that could help?

Many thanks in advance,