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Thread: Sony Vegas 4.0 help.

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    Exclamation Sony Vegas 4.0 help.

    I wanna make the whole video black and white, but i want some parts of the video to show the actual color.

    Anyone Can tell me how to do this?

    Thank You

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    I loaded V4 especially for you! Ahhh....

    OK, here's the preliminary - what we need to do is just display say the red rose in a BnW environment. To do this we need to MASK the red out of the original footage; MAKE/SET that area up as transparent; place under the original footage a duplicate of the footage and have the red Rose show through. Here are the steps

    1] Place Red Rose Event on Track 1 [T1]

    2] Apply Colour Corrector (Secondary) to Red Rose Event and:

    i) Use the Colour picker next to the "Select effect range" and using the Colour picker gently pick the Red colour off the rose - do this by dragging over the red of the rose.

    ii) Move the Alpha slider way over to the left so the Alpha channel is reading 0.000

    3] Add an additional Fx to this event, the Black and White Fx and slide way over to the RIGHT so the reading shows 1.000

    4] Place the same footage, without any effects, on to a new track below.


    What you should have now is a Red Rose in a black/grey/white environment

    Basically you've punched a hole (ALPHA=0.000) in the areas of colour that you selected; made the Event Black and White and have the "removed" mask colour selection replaced with the underlying areas of say RED!

    You can go on and further tweak the accuracy and range of the RED and its detail by going back into the Colour Corrector (Secondary) and adjust the span and limits of the saturation, the hue of the red and the brightness of the red or luminance. It is well worth adjust these as it is the further detail that can make it more organic and natural .



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