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Thread: HDD Handycam wind noise

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    Default HDD Handycam wind noise

    I have a SDR-SR52 HDD Handycam which picks up a lot of wind noise when recording outside on even slightly windy days. Is there a way to reduce the recorded wind noise - Sony Support were worse than a chocolate teapot when I posed the same question. Any suggestions will be welcome

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    The ideal solution would be to use an external microphone with a wind shield on it but finding consumer cams with external mic sockets these days is next to impossible. You'll need to try and shield the cam the next time you are out shooting by finding a sheltered location or get someone to hold up an umbrella to stop the wind hitting the onboard mic or turn your back into the wind to at least to provide some cover.

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    If you want to look silly this sometiems works too, not as good as the above obviously, but sometiems needs must...

    get some loosely woven fur fabric and stick it over the mic, it works a bit and is practically free.

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    Thumbs up Rycote worked perfect for me

    Most wind can be taken away by applying a windjammer. Rycote has some for small handicams. I got this one DVbuyer: Rycote Gustbuster Windjammer and it works very well.

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